Qosify: new package for DSCP marking + cake

If I was good enough to make my own script it would be all about D prioritizing everything but gaming only given them what they need to work... UPnP already prioritises the gaming in my humble opinion also it prioritizes every game it's not selective if it's working it's working... If you look at that screenshot above it has Ubisoft and Activision ports both being used and prioritized at the same time on different playstations it prioritizes all gaming traffic!

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Wish I could hear h i s h a m speak on this topic everything I've ever read he posted is badass learned a lot from just reading his post... Solidus1983 badass too just saying!!!

Your rule is telling UPnP to use the whole LAN subnet @, My rule was JUST allowing one console ( to use UPnP, There many devices i have that look for UPnP so that why i limit mine to that one IP.

This is where gaming traffic needs port forwarding for various games.

The script has updated 7 hours ago,

But i dont understand the new system traffic for priorize the console and port

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Lmao you have wan 1024-65535 rule deny... :wink:
How do you think its working if is deny on those ports upnp is not working!#!!
Finally at my laptop...

config upnpd 'config'
	option download '1024'
	option upload '512'
	option external_iface 'wan'
	option internal_iface 'lan' # Firewall Rules
	option port '5000'
	option uuid 'xxxxxxxx'
	option enabled '1'
	option use_stun '1'
	option stun_host 'stun.stunprotocol.org'
	option notify_interval '30'
	option clean_ruleset_threshold '2'
	option clean_ruleset_interval '300'
	option igdv1 '1'
	option log_output '1'
        option force_forwarding '1'

config perm_rule
	option comment 'Allow high Ports'
	option ext_ports '1024-65535'
	option int_addr ''
	option int_ports '1024-65535'
	option action 'allow'

config perm_rule
	option comment 'Deny Low Ports'
	option ext_ports '0-1024'
	option int_addr ''
	option int_ports '0-1024'
	option action 'deny'

config perm_rule
	option comment 'Main Network'
	option ext_ports '1024-65335'
	option int_addr ''
	option int_ports '1024-65335'
	option action 'allow'

config perm_rule
	option comment 'Ps5'
        option ext_ports '1024-65335'
	option int_addr ''
	option int_ports '1024-65335'
	option action 'allow'

this is working....

This is not working just so we are clear...

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Do you think my UPnP settings are ok?

My Settings:

I copied this UPnP settings:

@Dopam-IT_1987 helped me to configure the STUN option:

P.S. It works without problem.

How did all this UPnP discussion become part of the Qosify thread??


It might say its working but how can it be with those rules my friend... I suggest you try my setup just edit ip's to your network...

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sry ill stop talking now just saw something that was wrong just wanted to point it out

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If a class doesn't have bulk_trigger then the default bulk_trigger isn't applied? This config isn't working for me:

config defaults
	option dscp_default_tcp tin1
	option dscp_default_udp	tin1
	option dscp_bulk tin0
	option bulk_trigger_timeout 5
	option bulk_trigger_pps	100

config class tin0
	option ingress LE
	option egress LE

config class tin1
	option ingress AF11
	option egress AF11

Bulk traffic tagged as tin1 isn't going to tin0 unless i use same settings inside the class. Is that an expected behavior?

If a class is referenced, the bulk/prio settings from the class are used. You could fix your config by adding a tin1_default class and moving the bulk_trigger settings there


Hi everybody,

For the connexion adsl2 i choose which type overhead,

I would recommend to manually use overhead 44 atm mpu 64 but that is just me... If you really want t drill into this, may I recommend you go and peruse the following project.instructions.

(Side-note: these named options in cake attempt to make a gnarly problem better, instead of having to de novo deduce the applicable overhead/encapsulation one only needs to find the respective information in the documentation from one's ISP; it is just that not all ISPs actually give this information in the terms that cake uses).


Ok so i choose option type manual ? It's just

thanks it' s work fine

egress status:
qdisc cake 1: root refcnt 2 bandwidth 16Mbit diffserv4 dual-srchost nat nowash no-ack-filter split-gso rtt 100ms atm overhead 44                                                 mpu 64

Do you think that DNS hostnames IP should be retrieve at start? And then updated dinamically with the dns. I have services like DoH that doesn't use dnsmasq and their domains doesn't get triggered at start unless i manually resolve them in a computer. As a fix i added the IP of that domains with their dscp tag.

Are you sure this is ADSL 2? As i thought ADSL 2 is 24Mbit down 1.3Mbit upload max?
Might be VDSL 2 on Fiber FTTC (Fiber to the cabinet)

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no, me i'm on vdsl2 but it was a test for my brother who his has 15 and 800kpbps

for the moment my config of qosify is bad i prefer sqm because in game i take a bullshit with qosify but no with sqm :confused:

Oh sorry, i thought you maybe mixed up with ADSL 2 and VDSL 2 hehe :slight_smile:

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Its gonna be tricky with VDSL 2 FTTC lines as your speed can change on the DSLAM, So one day you could be on 56Mb download and 15Mb upload and then when the DSLAM moves from you 56 to 61Mb etc.

Possible you might be experiencing the same?

You might be better of with xDSL FTTH and avoid docsis.cable modem ISPs

no my real bandwith is always the same

my fai is orange in france