QoS/Traffic Shapping GUI?


IS there any GUI for easy-configuration of Qos/Traffic shapping?
I would like to easy change speed limit for my guest wifi network using web interface (ocasianally using my smartphone to easy change).
I have installed one app called luci-app-qos (I'm not sure exactly name), but I can't find a way to make/create bandwodth limit for networks, only for specific source IP address.

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Hi there!

You may need to put your WiFi on separate VLAN / Interface to apply a rule only to WiFi.
Did you try using the network mask instead of the IP as well?
That would be something like (or just the zero, without the /24).

I think the sqm-scripts are better than the qos-scripts as well.
You would need to uninstall/remove the qos-scripts to install the sqm-scripts though.
There is also a Luci ui for sqm-scripts.
There are tutorials on how to configure the sqm-scripts on the openwrt wiki. You will get bufferbloat protection and other goodies as well.

Video on SQM

video is linked on the main tutorial

Main tutorial on SQM

Other Links

includes archived stuff

Example uci config

gist with an example of sqm uci config

Hope this helps...


Why? Is it because you sell a certain bandwidth on the guest interface (like at a cafe or something?) and you need it to meet a certain contracted rate? if not, it seems like you should just lower the priority of the guest interface packets so that it has to scavenge bandwidth.

Of course, easier said than done in terms of inbound traffic. It requires something much more complex than either qos-script or sqm-script can handle. You may find sqm script by itself, using per-ip fairness gives you sufficiently good results.

Instead of a single IP address, you use use CIDR notation in the same location:

For example, to QoS the network containing the IP


this should not be a simple note but must be highlighted, maybe also in LUCI interface for newbies:
<< ..This discussion assumes SQM is instantiated on an interface that directly faces the internet/WAN. If it is not (e.g., on a LAN port) the meaning of ingress/egress flips. ...>>

Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for openwrt!