QOS per User or Multiple Wifi Network any way?

Hi I'm new on OpenWRT, I'm coming from DDWRT.

One option i use is the QOS per each user.

I see Open WRT don't have this option

Are any way i can install any addon??

Or Maybe i can create 6 different Wifi Networks, and give to each Network different Speeds???


The most common QoS implementation for OpenWrt would be sqm, which works a little differently but should provide pretty good results.

What goal do you try to achieve using this?

I use Nft-qos for this very task...

Limit some devices on the Network, give a specific bandwidth to the TVS, Phones, etc.

That's like saying you drive your car to go places faster than walking. What I mean is what higher level goals do you have?

Like for example suppose you had a smart TV whose firmware insisted on running speed-tests every few hours, and you have a metered ISP and it burned up your monthly quota in 4 days... That's a very different problem to solve than for example you have an XBox and it gets laggy if other people watch YouTube.

Yes i have metered ISP, 4 KIDS each one with his phone, TV, Laptop.

So i need to give to each speed per his device.

Also as you say when all are with the phones, TV with Netflix and the laptops internet work very slow.

Another thing that occurred to me but I don't know if it's possible.

It is to create a Wifi network for each person, each one with their password.

And then put a limit on each Wifi, so what I would do is that if tomorrow they change equipment, you don't have to reconfigure everything.

But this I do not know if it is possible, and I do not know if several WIFI can be created and that the teams of the different WIFIs see each other.

So to avoid the internet having large delays during high utilization you want to install SQM... But if you have a variable speed internet (like if you have a 4G LTE WAN) it doesn't work so well.

Your ideas are doable. Is it more important to have a quota, or to limit speeds?

Its a 25Mbps connection.

The most important is the Limit Speed, also if are via Multiple Wifi is ok too.

If quota isn't important then limiting speed seems odd. Why? Because it's children and you want them to have not such a good experience so they won't overuse the internet? Or some other reason. Limiting speed is usually the wrong thing unless you are trying to make the experience bad

For example if i create a second Wifi for one of the kids.

I put to this WIFI Network maybe i dont know 10MBPS of speed, so when he try to use Netflix, YouTube on the Phone and more he have a slow speed.

Some time the kids put Netflix one the TV and star to play online to some game, if you have 2 Watching Netflix and play the speed on the other devices is very slow.

So i prefer to all have the same speed and if they are watching Netflix, Play games or something dont affect the speeds of the other people.

Thanks. That's exactly what I was thinking. What you want in this case is SQM and per internal IP fairness. Now all devices have shared speed and no device overuses the connection. But there is no artificial speed limit.

Check the wiki for SQM and look for advanced features dual-dsthost

Many thanks for your time

So you tell me i need to create multpli Wifi Networks and on SQM i can configure the speed for each one??

No, just configure SQM on your WAN and enable dual-dsthost option on the ingress (download) direction using the advanced config. This automatically spreads the available bandwidth evenly between all devices that are using the internet at any given time.

So long as quotas are not the issue, this even spreading is much better than a fixed speed for each device. For example if you have 100Mbps download and 3 devices are each doing a download, then each will get 33Mbps, if 2 more devices come along, suddenly everyone gets 1/5th = 20Mbps... etc

Great, and if i prefer to give some priority to some devices is possible??

Yes, sort of. In the upload direction you can use SQM cake with diffserv4 and tag DSCP tags. This is great for giving gaming machines some priority for example. In the download direction, it's trickier because the queueing happens before iptables runs and so changing DSCP via iptables has no effect.

Start first with the simple config. Except for hard-core gaming, it's usually enough for most requirements.

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