QoS on WAN router + QoS on access point? Makes sense?

I’ve just changed my setup from one router (R7800) as WAN + WLAN device as one router (nanoPi R4S) for WAN and the r7800 as access point only device.

Now the SQM on the WAN interface of the R4S is working perfectly but I was wondering if I enable it also on the R7800 on the bridge LAN interface, what will happen? It makes sense? Or I have only to fine tuning the Wi-Fi settings to have a lower latency on Wi-Fi?


If the AP is wired via Ethernet back to the R4S router, then no, QoS on the AP would not significantly help.

Now, if the backhaul between the AP and the router is some bloated, limited capacity link such as a powerline extender, then yes, having QoS on that link, configured to minimize bloat (the value will vary, so you must measure and see at what point the line starts to bloat up).

In general, one wants an effective Active Queue Manager (AQM) ahead of a bottleneck link. If the link is not the main bottleneck, then no need.

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Yes obviously the R7800 and R4S are connected via cable. So it’s useless as I thought, but I’m curious and I’ll try to some tests when I’ll have time!
Thanks for the reply :smiley:

The r7800 can only shape via sqm/ cake up to ~190 MBit/s, so it's not really viable for doing that at LAN speeds (1 GBit/s).

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Oh I haven’t thought about this! Correct, yes, I’ll leave the SQM disabled on the R7800

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