QoS help X86 router

I have x86 router 4gb ram memory, do i need qos? my router buffering packages in ram? or somewhere else? do i need QoS at all for 400/400 mbit?

Only you can tell us if you need QoS. What QoS is for is to ensure that important interactive streams have low latency. If your ISP does its own QoS then often you might not need it much, but if your ISP has bad management of buffers, then even at 400/400 you can benefit from QoS.

If you test your latency and find that it is consistently low enough for you even when your network is under high load, then you don't need QoS. Otherwise, you need it.

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Thanks for answer! I started Fast.com 300 seconds test each way upload and download, and pinged couple sites, nothing changed, always stable. So look like my isp DOMRU have some QoS or x86 have enough horsepower to do this. Thanks!

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