Qca9563 vs mt7621 which is better

Hi all I just want to know that what's the difference in QCA9563 and mt7621ST and which one has best support for OpenWRT. Thanks for any information

QCA9563 has proven to be much better

Well one of these (MT7621ST) is just a SOC while the other (QCA9563) is a WiSOC meaning a SOC with WiFi capability in this case 3x3 bgn. So the comparison would depend on what WiFi chipset the MT7621ST is paired with. The MediaTek chip also offers USB 3 and integrates a 5-port GbE switch that the Qualcomm chip doesn't have.

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Depends on how you look at things. When it comes to raw processing power it doesn't come anywhere near the MT7621 SoC. Both are MIPS but the MT7621 is a dualcore SMT chip clocked at 880 MHz. I think the QCA one is a single core, single thread one topping out at ~650 MHz.

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Actually I'm planning to buy a router between these two

  1. Tp-Link Archer C6(EU) (qca9563) https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_archer_c6_v2_eu
  2. Netgear r6220 (mt7621) https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/netgear_r6220
    Which is better according to you guys, I'm on a 100mbps plan and want a gigabit router to support adblocking and some other functionality

I've not used OpenWrt on either of these devices, but I'd be inclined to buy the Netgear device before the TP-LINK. The TP-LINK only has 8MB of flash where the Netgear has 128MB so considerably more space to load additional applications for adblocking.

That's for sure but as you guys pointed out that the Qualcomm chip is way better than Mediatek one for support

A lot of developers prefer the mt76 due to it being more open. This allows them to fix bugs or do enhancements that can't be done in other chips.

I ran the r6220 for a while and found it to be flawless. I gave it away to a family member to replace her wrt3200acm, which has firmware bugs that can't be fixed.

After my hands on experience with the Netgear r6220 I'd say go with that. You won't find another one that is better supported.


Great dude. I will go with r6220, but can you please tell me something about its wireless range and throughput? Asking as I've read in some Amazon reviews that wireless speed and range is not that great as its wired connection. How much speed can I expect with a 100mbps plan over wireless connection. Thank you again

2,4 GHz is a bit of a weak spot on MT7621 SoCs. If you don't need it it shouldn't be an issue.

IIRC in my tests I was hitting 240Mbps with the r6220 wifi. I wasn't doing full analysis so i don't know if the limit was my client or the router. There are reports of higher speeds here. Range and penetration were all as expected. It is a great device you'll be completely satisfied with.

The only small downside with the r6220 is the CPU is on the weak side, so if you want to use Cake SQM, which is highly recommended, you'll need to set the target to 75Mbps, even though with a faster CPU could put the target line speed at maybe 90Mbps. I can attest that 75Mbps with SQM feels faster than 300Bbps with bufferbloat though - the few Mbps left in reserve for bursts won't be missed. Or just leave SQM off if you don't care about bufferbloat and enjoy fast wifi that will easily saturate your internet connection.

Please consider going for a dual core mt7621 device. Unfortunately, the r6220 is single core and the halving of CPU power can really be felt for this old architecture. Asus RT-AC57U v1 or Xiaomi Mi router 4a would be my recommendation.

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I have this one and I am very happy with it: https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/xiaomi_redmi_router_ac2100

If used as a main router behind my ISP modem would it make a big difference the hardware offloading? I ask you because I have it the other way around, an Archer C7 handling all routing tasks and the Redmi AC2100 as an access point only.