Python2 requirement for imagebuilder

why openwrt imagebuilder (19.07.1) still needs python2?

Because the 19.07 branch isn't migrated fully to Python3 yet.

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didn't openwrt actually started to remove python2 apps and libraries beciase end-of-life of python2? but the image builder (not the sdk or compiler tool but the simple pre-built downloader and builder ) is still depending on python2 ?

Yes, in master.

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I got a bit confused but I think i know what happened here ""
it seems that because of some distros using python for exe name for python3, now the image builder specifies the python 2 by the name python2.
I think I didnt have it installed and it worked with python as python3.
so maybe the image builder (the simple prebuilt one) doenst actually need python2 and can use python3 too.

I just built a buildbot config against master without python2 successfully.

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So the imagebuilder no longer requires Python 2, right? If true, then we need to update the documentation here:

sudo apt install build-essential libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev
zlib1g-dev gawk git gettext libssl-dev xsltproc rsync wget unzip python

If you install the python package you will pull python 2. I suggest we change it to python3.