PVID configuration questions?

I am a bit confused about this PVID instruction:

†Typically defaults one of the VLAN tags associated with the port. Logic not clear when there are multiple VLANs on the port. '0' can occur. Certain values have been rejected; logic not clear on limitations. ††May refer to the VLAN “index” rather than the VLAN tag itself (unconfirmed).

Does VLAN0 occur auto when untagged data comes over a multi VLAN tagged port (from a switch)?

And is it VLAN index or VLAN tag that is supposed to be used for PVID?

" the VLAN tag to assign to untagged ingress packets " is correct, and can't be made much clearer.

The notes you are quoting are so confusing that I don't undertstand what they are trying to tell us either. Should probably be deleted to avoid further confusion?

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The first † is a note for the default value when pvid is not set by the user.
The second †† is a note for the vlan tag in the impact field.

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