Purpose of running LEDE in virtual box

Is running LEDE in virtual box simply to learn about LEDE or can it be used in a live scenario?

I currently have gargoyle running on a NetGear wndr3700 connected to a cable SAT modem. My main pc is running Linux Mint. The only thing lacking in Gargoyle is that the firewall restrictions are not working.

I run LEDE in a virtual box to act as router / firewall among other virtual boxes.

Don't know what to say about that...

I have LEDE running in virtualbox acting as a router for my whole network. Crucial for me is that vlan tagging works so I'm able to bring in wan and get out lan though a single network interface. I didn't plan for this when I've got the hardware (it's a fan-less mini pc), the idea was to run LEDE on it natively. But it turned out to be a great small PC for my TV so it now serves a double role; under my TV for streaming stuff (via HDMI) and at the same time runs LEDE for network virtualized. It has AES-NI support so works nicely with openvpn running on LEDE.

Cool!. I will look into that. Currently I have a NetGear WIFI router and a separate SAT modem. Any idea how I can fit LEDE in a virtual box into this setup?

The WNDR3700 if it is a V1, V2, or V4 is a good machine for running LEDE. To use LEDE on the PC as your main router, you would do what @dziny said and set up VLANs in the 3700's switch so you can bring the raw Internet from the modem into the PC then send out LAN on the same Ethernet port and cable. The 3700 would be relegated to being a VLAN capable switch and dumb AP then.

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