Pulling tags from master repo

Sorry this may not really be a Openwrt related question but I'm wondering if someone can point me in the correct direction.

I cloned the openwrt repo made some of my own commits to a unsupported target and all seems to work well, problem this is a snapshot build so I have issues with online downloading of software to openwrt.

How do I pull tags from the master repo so I can create stable builds in my cloned repo as well as snapshots?
Of note I'm using the fetch and merge function of github to update my repo but it does not pull the new tags created after the git clone.

What I have been doing is manually cloning and checking out the taged build and then apply patches again for evcery new stable as I dont really know a better solution.

Is there a better way to do this?

It would be best if my target was in openwrt but it is prity much unsupportable as there is several varants each with differing sizes of RAM, Flash and included hardware in the routerboard and it would be impossible to support them all.

Selecting a specific branch/tag/hash is described in the wiki:

You can move your patches to own separate branch to easier rebase the changes.

What I have done is created a clone of the master repo and made my own commits on top of my initial clone of master to support a unsupported target.

When I update and merge upstream commits and rebase my code it does not seem to pull the tags across that have been created since the initial clone of the repo.

Is there a way to also bring the tags across so I could checkout a tag and apply my patches on top of that tag to create stable relaeases?

example of my repo here :
professor-jonny/pj_openwrt: This repository is designed to support the wallystech DR40x9 Routerboard with DSA in mind. (github.com)

As you see there is no tags for any thing newer than v21.02.1 as there is in uppstream master.

How I have previously done it is to completely delete my repo reclone the master and apply my patches on top then I get the tags but up to the current date but there must be a better way?

git fetch --tags upstream
(Assuming that you have defined the original OpenWrt repo as the remote "upstream" for your fork repo)

my repo is a fork and I cloned my fork to my local machine from github.

Yep, the standard stuff.

Normally those are synced with the main OpenWrt by defining the OpenWrt site as a remote, and then pulling it. (That refresh can nowadays also be done by GitHub GUI, but then you miss the possibilities to interact with the git repo via git cli)

If you have not yet done that, you might do
git remote add upstream https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt.git


Ok thanks i will give that a try.

Ok that worked to pull the tags to my local repo how do push the tags back to my fork on github?

edit figured that bit out git push --tags seemed to do what I wanted thanks for the help

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