Public open wifi configurations?

should i enable allow legacy rates?
do i need to input distance optimization?

should i disable "disassociate on low acknowledgement"?
how about other settings?

In general, you don't set (or don't change) advanced or default settings. This is the same on most wireless devices - not just OpenWrt.

Also, you may want to research what those configs do.

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Yes i tried researching but the descriptions are really vague.

Most topics on this forum about those settings are only suggesting to turn them on/off when there are problems with the wifi connection.

Non-default is only advisable for special cases:

  • Compatibility with very old clients. Which, really for best overall network performance, you should refuse to serve them.
  • Long-distance point to point links. The "distance optimization" is only an issue at > 2km distance.
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Every single setting is common across all WiFi hardware on Planet :globe_with_meridians: ...I find it difficult to believe you didn't find clear descriptions with a little Google-Fu.