Psycopg2 (Postgres connection lib for Python) not available on 21.02 repository

I wanna use some monitors on my router and store their logs on Postgres instead of txt, so I'm gonna learn Python because it runs scripts smoothly in place of shell scripts and is able to connect to Postgres.

I had seen that it uses psycopg2 lib for that, and OpenWRT has a lib for it:

But I searched it on LuCI and it's not found. It finds libs for psql and postgres and finds python3 package, but not psycopg2.

Might the lib be included on python3 package?

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That's odd, might it not be available for snapshot?

Indeed, on my VM with OpenWrt 19.07.7 it's available. Should I wait for 21.02.0 then?

.... or downgrade

How? are some older snapshot packages available? I only know how to install from opkg

Indeed, it's not available on 21.02, at least until r16046.

Is it normal for packages to not be available on snapshots?