Psuedo Bridge working , but cannot attach remote AP?

Hi All,

With regard to the following image (which represents what I am trying to build) :

I am working on ROUTER B

I have installed relayd , the Luci relayd components and enabled them in init.d and the bridge works fine from ROUTER A to ROUTER B LAN , DHCP, internet , all good

Similarly I can administer ROUTER B from ROUTER A

"Great" I thought foolishly, "Hard bit done , just need to enable the second ROUTER B radio as an AP and integrate it into the bridge" doesn't seem that straight forward?

I dont want to use WDS as my security colleauge doesnt want to go down to WEP

I can get the AP to transmit its ESSID but not to relay DHCP - I'm seeing traffic hit the AP in the wireless page but nothing on the air in wireshark

When I try to configure the firewall zones my bridgezone joins LINK and LAN , my AP is in LAN
so I thought implicitly it would bridge? in the luci / wireless page I can see traffic hitting the second radio - as soon as it does though the ESSID stops broadcasting ?

ROUTER B is a Linksys 3200ACM - I do not believe my choice of ROUTER A is impacting this

Radio 0 is the client bridge
Radio 1 is disabled
Radio 2 is the 2.4GHz AP

What steps do I need to take to get ROUTER B WLAN2 (AP on 2.4GHz) to relay traffic to and from ROUTER A via the bridge please ?

MANY thanks in advance



Try using radio 1. In the WRT3200 the main 2.4 radio is radio 1, radio 2 was intended for monitoring only.

For networking purposes when you put an AP into the lan bridge those clients should work the same as those wired to the LAN.

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Hi MK24

I've read conflicting info - clearly !

I understood from my research that it was the other way around regarding 1 and 2, but happily give it a go ! many thanks!

Would you happen to know which antenna sockets on the 3200 connect to which radio module please?
I can see from double deck buses and lorries that I need to put link antennas on the roof .

Thanks again !



All four external antennas are both radio0 and radio1. There is a fifth internal antenna for radio2.

Thanks Eduperez. some sort of circulator / rake receiver setup I assume then !

Well Im pleased that while the suggestion of switching to radio #1 has stabilised the 2.4GHz
access point of router B, But sadly I am no further along trying to get the ROUTER B Radio #1 AP to bridge

I can log in to the router via the AP but theres no DHCP and no forwarding from the WWAN
zone. Forwarding to the LAN ethernet ports works 100% (I'm typing on it now - brought it home)
but the bridging of LAN to AP isn't working

It feels like I need to create another interface / zone but all attempts so far either produce no effect
or give me a red flag for "invalid config"

Grateful for any other insights from the community !



Morning all,

long day ! BUT ...worth it

the problem was not my actions but was an issue within the firmware image i installed

I have now switched banks back to the linksys firmware
I have installed DavidC502's image and the sysupgrade package

Was a bit concerned at first as the gui looks very different , but everything was there.

steps taken for those following in my size 13 footsteps:

  • Reset the LAN interface to an unused IP with my upstream gateway from the LAN side of router A,
    then disabled DHCP service for LAN.
  • Applied - wait -applied unchecked - wait - logged in with new IP
  • Setup the link radio to associate with router A link AP as a client (this brings internet up)
  • Setup radio #1 as the 2.4 GHz AP
  • Updated opkg from ssh
  • Reinstalled relayd / luci-proto-relayd from opkg, started relayd in /etc/init.d
  • Created the relayd pseudo bridge in interfaces, bridging LAN and WWAN
  • Adapted the firewall settings for the bridge forwarding
  • Rebooted

and finally backed up the damned config to the NAS !!



100% tickey boo! on both wifi and ethernet

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