Proxy Tunnel socks 5

I have a Question. Is it possible to route some ip adress automatically to a socks5 proxy server with my Openwrt Router?
So I can have automatically for some defined Goal-IP adressees a IP adress of my other second server.
The socket 5 Proxy is still working.

Do you mean to send with dhcp the socks5 settings to specific hosts?

Sounds like you need a VPN with policy-based routing.
It's unlikely you can implement a simple proxy-based solution.

You cannot just redirect all traffic to a SOCKS server, clients have to be configured to expect it.

@trendy no i think i don't mean this.
Client---(Lan)---Router---(Socks5)---External-Server---Internet (for some IP or internetadresses)
Client---(Lan)---Router---Internet (for all other IP or internetadresse)
I prefer to config only the Router(Openwrt) and my External Server (Debian)

Yes i think policy-based routing sounds good.
I can also config other things than socks5 between the router and the external Server.

The idea of a socks5 is only because it works between the client and the external server, i was only thinking maybe it is possible to config this in a simple way in the iptables or somethink.

It's not that simple: