Proxy per device

Is there a way to set proxy on my smart tv ?

My proxy server didn't need username or password just server and port ,

Just need to set it for my smart tv ,
I'm just using openwrt for few days now so don't now much ,
It would be great if it can be done by luci

Thank you

pretty sure recent TVs have a proxy setting in their network config.

  1. Let's say you already have a proxy server up and running.
  2. Host a "PAC file" somewhere in your network (could be the router itself, or the proxy server, or any other machine in your network); that file should direct all requests to the proxy server, but you can obviously be creative here.
  3. Configure the DHCP server (dnsmasq) to send the URL to such PAC file only to the TV (you can filter by MAC address or device name), using option 252.

This cannot be done by LuCI, and is not an easy task for a beginner.


Thanks for reply Lg webos doesn't

Thanks for reply ok I try to google it