Proroute H820 Bricked

I realise Proroute H820 (also known as E-Lins H820) is unsupported on OpenWRT so apologies if this post is not appropriate. I managed to install forked kernel version 18.06 firmware from the repository at Unfortunately the sysupgrade upload didn't go so well and I bricked the router. I cannot see any comms on wireshark from the router and cannot ping when it is powered up. Has anyone had any experience recovering from a firmware brick with this router?
Thanks is mine :slight_smile:

Connect uart and recover it via bootloader (option 2 in menu)

Thanks for the helpful advice Cezary. I will try this once I find a serial cable for the DB9 port.

Hi @milobrooks Did this work ? I have bricked my H820 but cant access a BIOS menu or anything via the serial port.