Propose updates for tl-wa801nd

Hi @bobafetthotmail, @tmomas,

summoning both of you since this was mentioned in another thread :slight_smile:

There are some edits to be made on

Specifically: about v5:

I just wanted to make the changes, but was denied.



to enable the "save" button you need to write the "edit summary" and then press the "preview" button. Did you do that?

Or is there another problem? Maybe you got an error page that says you are a spammer and can't write?

@tmomas I think it's getting a bit too complex to contribute to the wiki lately. Could we just enforce the "write to the edit summary" rule? Is there a strong reason to enforce the "push preview button" rule?

Hi @bobafetthotmail,

the issue is: I don't even have an edit button. The page is read only and only admins can edit it; I get the message: "This page is read only. You can view the source, but not change it. Ask your administrator if you think this is wrong. "

Sorry about being not precise.


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Settings changed accordingly now.

Well, once in a while we have users who seem to think that the only way to see their edits is to save the page, leading to atomic changes being saved, e.g.

  • "open wrt" (that's wrong, I need to correct
  • "openWRT" (oh, that's still
  • "OpenWRT" (oh no, that doesn't look right... save)
  • "OpenWrt" (Yes, now finally after 3 edits & save it is correct)

I have seen approx. 3 dozen (!) edits being made that way.

Is javascript enabled in your browser?
Can you please post a screenshot of your browser showing this message?

If that's an issue, just send them an email. We don't have so much volume of edits to make personal email messages unpractical.

Adding too much stuff like that makes editing wiki harder, and it's worse than having a bunch of redundant edits, imho.

Hi @tmomas ,

sorry for keeping this for so long, here is a screenshot of another page where I also have some additional information, the error message is the same; seems like hardware pages are locked for administrators only:

Issue found: You were in the wrong usergroup.
You should now be able to edit this page.

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Thanks, that worked! I made the changes I proposed above. Sorry for the long delays!

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