Propose to have the contents of R7800 be copied to D7800 as a base. Plus page name conventions


As per topic, there's two parts to this. For the first part, please refer to the following links for references,

Netgear R7800:
Netgear D7800:
Netgear R7500:

D7800 features a lot of similarities with R7800 and has been said to be R7500v2 but with xDSL modem. What is known so far is that the modem part isn't supported, however, for everything that works with R7800, in terms of flashing OpenWRT firmware onto D7800, along with TFTP procedure is identical to D7800.

With that in mind, is it possible to have the majority of the contents from R7800 be replicated onto D7800 page with the exception of say the internal photos of D7800? I am aware the hardware specs and such aren't identical but they look very similar on the outside, and features similar components. For example on R7800 it has IPQ8065 but on D7800 it has IPQ8064.

On the latter part of the topic, I want to focus on having some sort of a standard in terms of naming conventions. Notice how R7800's page name is completely different (omits netgear_) compared to both R7500 and D7800, would it be possible to have both R7500 and D7800 have the netgear_ prefix be dropped as they all fall under the netgear sub-page anyway.

Please let me know of your thoughts!