Proper passthrough of different VLANs on PPP DSL connection

Ahoy friends.
Currently i am using 2 DSL connections in order to perform loadbalancing. Unfourtnately i am not able to use VoIP telefophony, because VLAN 10 is mandatory in this case. What is the way to go for in order to use VLAN 10 for telephony, and VLAN 20 somehow passed through as trunk?
I have tried some DSL modems already and all of them only offer an option in order to pass the internet PPP VLAN 10 through, but not both of them as trunk.
I would like to forward the tagged traffic onto my Switch on VLAN 10, and 20, and want to connect VLAN 10 to my OpenWrt device for PPPoE authentication, and VLAN 20 to my VoIP gateway in order to obtain an IP address using DHCPv4 because no further authentication is necessary there.

That's how to traffic looks like, capturing the "vdsl" interface on my Fritz! 7490 router (currently running as "modem").

As you can see, the traffic is dot1q tagged, but "behind" my router, i only get one of both VLANs, and only as untagged traffic, not as trunk.

Do you guys have any suggestions in how to pass the traffic through without de-encapsulation on the modem?

Have you looked at the Draytek Vigor 130? See here

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The vigor 130 is a good modem (and should indeed support that), I've been happy with mine for the last 4 years, but unless you find one cheap on the used markets, it would make more sense to buy its modern vigor 165 or vigor 166 successor (which so support super-vectoring (profile 35b) instead of 'just' vectoring (profile 17b)).

Yeah, I've been using first the Vigor 120 and then the 130 for about a decade now. I didn't even know they had a new model. They're great modems. Even better if there's a new model.

That said, a cheap OpenWrt supported lantiq VRX2xx device should work just as well.

On my SR501, I use -1 to leave the VLAN tagged:

Blockquote"WAN Service Configuration"
Select WAN service type: Bridging
Enter 802.1P Priority ...... [1] untagged, or [-1] tagged
Enter 802.1Q, VLAN ID ... [35] untagged, or [-1] tagged