Proper IPv6 Configuation

Hello guys,
I was using HE 6in4 until now. Unfortunately my ISP does not provide IPv6.
In this week I rented a VPS in my country which assigns /48 IPv6 prefix.
I devided /48 prefix into to 2 /64 prefix, for one /64 for tunnel and one /64 for my LAN clients.

I created sit tunnel on vps and used ndppd to neighbor discovery for LAN clients. (I used this guide for VPS tunnel configuration on

6in4 tunnel established but could not ping the gateway of tunnel. Meanwhile I monitored tunnel interface both on VPS and on my router with tdpdump. ICMP messagees delivered successfully. Also monitored both pppoe-wan and eth0 interfaces with tcpdump to check protocol 41 messages. Also they were successfully reached.

I thought that I made something wrong with tunnel configuration on VPS and tried same config on a different location which is running FreshTomato. Everything was working perfect. Connectin established and clients were able to reach internet via IPv6.

At the same time I am using Wireguard.
I tried IPv6 configuration with wg. I assigned /64 prefix for both wg interfaces and on VPS added allowedip's 2nd /64 prefix.
At this time I was successfly reach the IPv6.

But right now I am having problem with IPv6 routed prefix configuration on OpenWRT.

If I select IPv6 assignment length as Disable and manual configure gateway, routed prefix, etc; dhcp stops working.
I tried a tricky way. I used assigned prefix in ULA-Prefix, all my LAN clients got IPv6 from RA and all of them able to reach via IPv6. Right now I am using in like this.

I know this is not a good way configure IPv6. How can I configure LAN interface with manuel IPv6 address?

Thanks in advance

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Specify a /64 using the option ip6prefix on the VPN interface.

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Thank you very much.
This solved the issue.

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