Promiscuous mode/Port Forward, and Security WRT3200ACM

Running WRT3200ACM and just installed LEDE. Looked at kernel log and found these entries that are concerning to me. Is this normal? I can't find a clear answer on this one.

A few of these:
[ 15.857165] device wlan2 entered promiscuous mode

Followed by these:
[ 18.641264] br-lan: port 4(wlan2) entered forwarding state

With lots(tons) of these:
[ 26.433307] ieee80211 phy1: change: 0x100
[ 1749.090199] ieee80211 phy1: staid 3 deleted

On a separate note, I chose to dive into this rabbit-hole because I've read that LEDE is much safer than stock firmware. But I'm starting to think I've made things more dangerous by virtue of not knowing what I'm doing. Is there guidance to creating a safe environment--a package checklist for beginners? I've installed the firmware upgrade, loaded luci-ssl, and put pings in stealth-mode--but that's about it. Is there packages I should be installing that makes things safer?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you--

If you installed OpenWrt, why are you asking at the LEDE forum, instead of the OpenWrt forum?

I meant to say Lede

Promiscuous mode is required by the software bridge, br-lan, which is a bridge containing wlan2 and the wired lan (probably). The log entry "entered forwarding state" means the bridge is now forwarding packets between the bridged interfaces, i e it's working as a bridge.

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Thank you Mikma. So from your chair, this is completely normal. If I may, is there anything you do to further ensure security besides the basics: putting pings to stealth, strong passwords, and keeping the firmware up-to-date? Realizing, I'm no longer depending on Linksys to take care of it for me, I'm concerned I don't know what I don't know. Thank you again for your reply.