Procps-ng-watch & procps-ng-pmap no longer in snapshot packages

EDIT: issue opened here.

about a month or two ago I noticed that procps-ng-watch & procps-ng-pmap are no longer in snapshot packages here.

Does anyone know why? @jow suggested a build failure but I thought I'd check here first before pinging the maintainer.

I did find this procps-ng commit from 1 Oct 2019 which changes the default procps-ng package selection from all to none and I'm wondering if this caused (most of) them to no longer be built by the build system.

Is there someother way to get the functionality of these packages when creating a snapshot image with imagebuilder? (I know I could get watch inside busybox but I belive this requires compiling an image).

procps-ng watch and pmap are available again - thank you to those who noticed and contributed to fixing it (here).

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