Process for building from source (branches)


I am trying to build the firmware from source. Specifically, I am trying to build branches openwrt-19.07 and openwrt-21.02. However when I try to update/install the feeds using the feeds script, the script fails complaining that git cannot find tracking info for "the current branch."

Are there additional steps when building from a branch vs building from a tag?

Following this guide, I am able to build tag v19.07.7 after applying the patch for this bug, manually.

EDIT: I went back and tried branch openwrt-21.02 and that seems to be working now. So maybe its just a problem with the openwrt-19.07 branch?

Working on this more. I am not sure what the cause of the trouble is, but it seems to be gone after I re-cloned the repository.

To anyone running into the same, I would copy your .config file out of the repo and try cloning again.

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