Procedure for adding devices to a release

If the device has a snapshot, it will always get the release firmware or there are restrictions on including devices with glitches in the firmware into the release like Openwrt 23.x?

  1. Devices doesn’t have snapshots.

  2. Master snapshot have devices under developement.

  3. A stable branch (release) won’t get a new device, especially not a buggy one.

  4. A buggy device will give a lot of headache if released to stable branch. But master snapshot is the design studio so development will go on there but maybe not make it to a stable release.

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But if it have snapshot it will be RC candidate and despite unresolved problems will enter the release for the first time? For exammple Redmi AX6 board?

It can be released but it definitely can be blocked also. The question is, does it work? Or it it not complete, and can we live with it?

But you still need to understand my first answer point 1 and 2 and Githubs dev tree system.
A device cant be a snapshot or RC and a device won’t get fixed in RC. If it fails there it will probably be cancelled before reaching stable branch.

But what is this question about to begin with? Do you have a new device or have you found a device with a problem?

But a working device can be pulled away from stable also if a mayor fault is found, like the mvebu family and wrt3200acm for example. Where they was moved up to kernel 5.15 in master to se if the problem was fixed.

I thought that there are conditions that, if not met, block the appearance of a stable firmware version for which there is only a snapshot.

My opponent states that there are no conditions and when a new release of OpenWrt is released, a stable version is always created for all devices that have a snapshot version.

The current snapshot has a memory leak and cannot be flashed without stopping wpad.

What opponent?

Are you or your opponent an AI?

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Dispute with guy on another forum.

This is your first forum question.

You haven’t even specified what OpenWrt version you are using, or what device we really talk about.

You are really only fishing for information without really having a question.

You have put this tread either in the developer or “using openwrt” forums groups.

And you are asking for a friend in another forum that you can’t even link to?

And you are named GHub which I guess is GitHub but you apparently don’t know anything about github.

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Yes i'm a noob.

I use Redmi AX6 with last snapshot.

I can, but it's in Russian

This is true.

Thanks, I saw that there is no release for 22.03.3
And I understand that this is an understandable situation for you, since this is your device.