Procd -- how to kill existing instances?

When the procd service/instances are running, issuing service https-dns-proxy start doesn't seem to kill the existing instances (judging by their PIDs in ubus).

I don't want to use restart, as the stop and then start are expensive operations due to the need to restart dnsmasq twice, what's the correct way to kill any existing procd instances while in start_service?

I'm confused by the code in /etc/rc.common and /lib/functions/, there's the procd_kill in the latter file, but I don't understand the code/how it works. When I tried to invoke it, I get Command failed: Invalid argument.

The options on the service command are as follows:

Available commands:
	start           Start the service
	stop            Stop the service
	restart         Restart the service
	reload          Reload configuration files (or restart if service does not implement reload)
	enable          Enable service autostart
	disable         Disable service autostart
	enabled         Check if service is started on boot
	running         Check if service is running
	status          Service status
	trace           Start with syscall trace
	info            Dump procd service info

If the package supports it, you need to do service https-dns-proxy reload

If it does not support "reload" you could try running the following before doing a start:

pid=$(service `https-dns-proxy` info | grep "pid" | awk -F ": " '{print $2}' | awk -F "," '{printf "%s", $1}')
kill $pid