Problems with Openwrt on TP-WR841N_9

Hello guys i hope someone has an idea and can help me im going insane here. First of all im using 2 of the TP_WR841N V9 router for an W-Lan brige with wired Computers on the other end. I have had an running and working setup with an pretty old open wrt version (14.xx) and decidet yesterday to give them something new. I made backups of the old setting and startet the upgrade flashing ofc things went terrible wrong and i had to reset the devices with flashing new firmware from TP link.

Now i have fresh installed open wrt 18.06 versions but i cant get my w_lan brige working my connected computers on the other end still getting no internet acsess.

So i used google and found relay. I tryed to install it via luci interface it wasnt shown. So i tryed to conect via ssh and had no connection to the internet shown. I took the router and connect him direct in the Main router which is from my Provider ofc DHCP made a mess and then i finaly got acsess to the internet on the router (i connected the TP over Wan port to the router and my Laptop with Lan) i used ssh on putty but with opkg update it still shows me no connection. does anyone has an idea how i can fix this or atleast any workaround how i can build my Brige that i can get my wired divices to work on my brige?

i tryed it again created an bridge got connection but if i try to use the bridge mode from W-Lan to Virtual lan and give the Lan also into the V-Lan the bridge goes to not associated and didnt connect again i tryed serveral reboots and also re build. I have no idea what i can do now anymore .

Your title is misleading, you should use something like "How to bridge two lans with OpenWRT 18.06".

If the routers are doing only a bridge, it should be pretty easy, just configure the first as a normal wireless access point but disable dhcp. It should already have a bridge from LAN to WLAN. Then configure the second router as a wireless client of the (wireless) network configured on the first router, and a bridge between the WLAN and LAN (may already be there). Disable DHCP. On both use the yellow ports (LAN) to connect to your wired network. You could do more, but like this it should work with no further configuration.


PS Wireless clients of the first router will be on the same network, but you may want to keep this separate (different SSID, different orthogonal channel) from your "normal" wireless network so you do not compete for bandwidth.

Use AP(WDS) on the source router and Client(WDS) on the other one. A normal non-WDS client cannot be in a bridge, you have to route or relay it.