Problems porting LEDE to D-Link DIR-819

Hi there,

Recently I bought a D-Link DIR-819, but sadly there's no OpenWRT/LEDE/DD-WRT or other customized firmware available. So I decide to port LEDE to this model.

I found a backdoor on this device, so I have collected some information about this device:

  • SoC: MediaTek MT-7260A
  • Wireless: Ralink RT-2860
  • LAN Ports: 10/100 Mbps x 4
  • WAN: 10/100 Mbps x 1
  • Flash (NOR): 8 MiB
  • RAM: 64 MiB
  • Partitions:
    • 0: "boot": Bootloader [Modified version of U-Boot, called "TBS Bootloader"]
    • 1: "kernel": Linux kernel (lzma compressed, version 2.6.36, compiled using gcc 3.4.2)
    • 2: "rootfs": SquashFS
    • 3: "multi-lang": This partition is believed to place Web UI language packs for stock fw, on mine, it's all 0xFF

This device is relatively new one (released around Nov, 2016), and it doesn't yet have a page on

So my current problem is, in stock firmware, I couldn't see GPIO related information. There's no gpio folder under /sys/class, it's really wired to me. Can someone give me some hints about this?


Supplement Information
Here's the output of gpiodump:

# ./gpiodump 
GPIOMODE = 0x0058171d
  SUTIF_SHARE_MODE     = 0, disabled       [default]
  WDT_RST_MODE         = 2, GPIO          
  PA_G_GPIO_MODE       = 1, GPIO           [default]
  ND_SD_GPIO_MODE      = 2, GPIO           [default]
  PERST_GPIO_MODE      = 0, PERST_N       
  EPHY_LED_GPIO_MODE   = 0, normal         [default]
  WLED_GPIO_MODE       = 0, normal        
  SPI_REFCLK0_MODE     = 1, GPIO           [default]
  SPI_GPIO_MODE        = 0, normal         [default]
  RGMII2_GPIO_MODE     = 1, GPIO           [default]
  RGMII1_GPIO_MODE     = 1, GPIO           [default]
  MDIO_GPIO_MODE       = 2, GPIO           [default]
  UARTL_GPIO_MODE      = 0, normal        
  UARTF_SHARE_MODE     = 7, GPIO           [default]
  I2C_GPIO_MODE        = 1, GPIO           [default]

But I couldn't understand what the output means and I don't see any documentation mentions it.

Hello, I was recently given this router, I'm trying to update over the web but it gives an error, I'm trying to access it via serial but I'm not finding much information on how to connect to the serial.

with the basics I already have the files for it now I just need to access the terminal to be able to test.

This router needs a TBS modified firmware...
I have ported this router to openwrt 19.07... I'm doing a master build to submit to openwrt master.
You can use those commits to compile a firmware in 19

after you commented on this commit, create a image of the repository, but for those who updated the router to version above v1.01 cannot upload the image through the web interface. for those who updated will have to do via serial, and something I'm still testing. the serial connections that you normally find easy on the internet end up being the j2 connectors. the j2 connectors are not giving results, I'll take another look at how it goes up the serial because I couldn't make a successful serial connection. I managed to fork the repository to do the tests in Dir 819.

yep... I got one of those with v1.01 ... I downgraded it to 1.0 to install openwrt...

how did you do it? I've been trying for more than three days.

Try this...

Thanks, I will test later on the router

I managed to put the firmware on the router but it ended up not going up, I don't know if something went wrong, but the CPU ended up getting too hot and I turned it off, I don't know if I can rewrite his firmware straight into memory but I'll see if I have answers yet.

ps: it still tries to boot the system but ends up locking up after the bootloader because the leds work normally and then they lock up with the leds of: wan, wps, 2.4ghz wifi and power led

Hi, i wanted to install openwrt, is the firmware working, if so how can i get the firmware file to upload ?

So far I still can't get a bootable image, I'm stuck at boot and for testing we haven't found a serial connection yet for further testing.

I got this device (Dlink dir-819), and want to install openwrt to this.
Is this device supported by openwrt?

Any firmware/image download link? thanks.

it meets the requirements of openwrt but we still have to test the builds made for it. i am also with mine but i need to rewrite the original firmware so i can test again. and for further testing I was looking for serial connectors, something that the Brazilian model doesn't seem to have.

I created a repository on Github with the test builds from the anlix-io branch and some things I found more about the router.

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Hi, do you know any howto/website describe the install procedure?
Is it request "serial connection"?

the firmware installation can be done through the web interfaces if you are in the dlink firmware version "v1.0", if you are above the version you will have to go back to the firmware version v1.0.

I also don't know the dir-819 has a serial connection, but I link on the dd-wrt forum it does have a serial connection but they don't tell where it is.

So, is this one an openwrt firmware?

No, this is for downgrouding to v1.0, the openwrt builds are in the same repository release, but I'm not testing it, and I don't know if it's currently working.

Sorry, what you mean " the openwrt builds are in the same repository release"?
Would you please post the link here?

is having an openwrt build right now and it hasn't finished yet, and the last 10 builds have been deleted.