Problems port forwarding

I've been having some trouble port forwarding. I have a TD-W9970 setup to DMZ to my WRT1900ACS. I've made sure to disable the TD-W9970s DHCP server and set the WRT1900ACS to a static IP and to have the DMZ forward to that IP. Then I applied the following configuration to port forward. I don't see why it is not working.

config redirect                                 
        option target 'DNAT'                    
        option src 'wan'                        
        option src_dport '22'                
        option dest_port '22'                
        option name 'testport'                 
        option proto 'tcp udp'                  
        option dest_ip ''          
        option dest 'lan'

SSH should be working if you restarted the firewall service after applying this redirect.
If you are pondering why the other ports are not working, it's maybe because you forwarded only 22.
Last but not least, the current versions of OpenWrt use the list proto 'tcp udp' syntax for the protocols, in case you did go through Luci.