Problem with TP-Link TL-WR2543N on the snapshot

Hi All!
I have problem on the snapshot [ath79] after update to kernel 4.19
After installing the firmware, all settings are reset to default.
Also, all settings and files fly away after the router reboots.

I'd suggest to flash OpenWrt again, without keeping settings, before debugging much further. The TL-WR2543ND has enough flash (8 MB) not to be plagued by overlay-full symptoms (unless you build the image yourself and include too much software) and is rather standard ath79 hardware, which should work fine (or we'd have heard a lot more noise); so an intermittent issue with formatting the overlay sounds most likely to me (let it settle for about a minute or five, after flashing/ rebooting, before trying to configure it)

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Are you familiar with how to SSH into the router?

If so, what does the output of the following two commands show after a couple minutes of uptime?

mount    # Show what is mounted where
df -h    # Show how much file space is used/available

This kind of problem is common with devices with only 4 MB of flash, especially with LuCI, but suggests that you should have 8 MB of flash.

Have you added any packages after flashing the snapshot image?

I tried to save the settings on an empty router, on the firmware from the repository, and I'm not very fast, so it took me a long time to edit the network in the console))

I don't remember how much free memory there was, but the attempt to install LuCi failed.