Problem with Samba sharing

Hi there.
Successfully installed OpenWRTon my TP-Link Archer C6U. Setting up net, extroot, mount external drives. Also installed and setting up Samba server. But on my PC (Win 7) is although the server visible, but the shared folder cannot be opened. The specified path was not found, Win 7 wrote. I don't know, where is error, I've tried all.

Thank you, I'm beginner.

More information is needed, because there are two SMB servers available in OpenWrt: SAMBA and KSMBD. Which one do you use? Check in the list of installed packages whether there is anything with "ksmbd" in its name.

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And check the permissions on the mount points

Since OP is using extroot, I'm assuming he's talking about samba4.
The error "The specified path was not found", probably relates to the wrong path in samba share config.

Please share the output of these commands

cat /etc/config/samba4 or ksmbd


cat /etc/config/fstab

Hi there. Here are the screenshots of the required commands:

Hi. It's Samba version 4.14.12. Here is my settings of this:

Ups. Unfortunately I cannot check the permissions. I'm beginner in it. :smiling_face:

Both your "fstab" and "samba4" files are wrong: "/dev/sda1" is a device, and you should be using the "mount point" instead. Have a look to the docs at, manage to mount and access your files from OpenWrt first, then try to share them with SAMBA.

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/dev/sda1 is one of two disc mounted to my router. On sda1 is extroot for more space to software installation. sdb1 is NTFS harddisc with my media files. I need to share sdb1.

Great, I'm in! Thanks for the kick! :wink: :upside_down_face:

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