Problem with opkg update (19.07)


I've just update the firmware of my netgear DGN3500, all is working fine, but can't install package. In Luci when i try to update list i've the message :
"Waiting for the opkg update command to complete…"
but never ending ...

I've try with ssh and this is the result of the command :
opkg update

and never ending too ...

But i can download a package manually on my computer and copy it to my router, then the command : "opkg install package_name"
work fine.

After search i've read this post :

same problem with wget, but wget -4 or wget-nossl don't work ...

Sombody know where is the problem and how to solve it ?

thank you

@Jackbot, welcome to the community!

  • Have you properly configured a DNS server for the WAN interface?
  • Do you have IPv6?

DNS seems works :


Name:   canonical name =
Address 1:   canonical name =
Address 2: 2a01:4f8:150:6449::2

For IPV6, i don't use it, not enough knowledge about that, maybe soon.

Can you ping

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Did you upgrade to 19.07 from an older version, eg 18.06? If yes did you check the tickbox to Keep settings?

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yes i can ping, every diagnostic works. I upgraded from chaos_calmer 15.05, and i check keep settings. Like i said, all works, i'm using it, but impossible to use wget and update package.

When upgrading from one major version to another it is highly recommended not to keep settings. In your case I'd say it's the root cause.
Take a configuration backup first. Then reset the router to defaults. Finally start reconfiguring the router manually using the backup files as a reference only.

It would be best to open a new topic and not hijack this one.
One quick thought is to check the available space.

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Thank you trendy, but I've isolated the cause to disabled default traffic rules.

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ok i'll try to reconfigure my router from zero.

thank you

Copy config files to your PC, and start from fresh image.