Problem with net-snmp package compilation

Hello guys, i'm trying to compile the net-snmp package with "lede-sdk-17.01.4-ramips-mt7620_gcc-5.4.0_musl-1.1.16.Linux-x86_64" in a Centos7 machine, but I'm not getting it. I tried to use the standard package but it still does not compile. I wanted to ask first, if the problem is in the package or am I doing something wrong here. So, is it possible to compile the package in this release?

I'm having an error regarding the package's own makefile, an error I didn't had using the chaos_calmer openwrt version. So i don't know what i can do. If it's possible to compile, i'll post the error log here later, can't access the machine now. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the attention. :slight_smile:

You compile source code, not packages...

It will never be possible to compile a package.

net-snmp is available pre-compiled for all processors used by LEDE/OpenWRT provided in such a method is commonly called a "package."

opkg update
opkg install libnetsnmp

Am I missing something???

Yeah, I meant to compile the source. Sorry I was not so technical. lol

My problem is that, I need to compile the source with some changes. What I meant in the previous post is that neither the standard source i can get compiled.