Problem with multiple SSID on TP-Link Archer C2 v1

Hi, I have a little problem with multiple SSID
I add second Wi-Fi on 2,4G radio device, but that Wi-Fi has same BSSID as 5G radio device. This don`t work
However, I add the third Wi-Fi on same 2,4G radio device, and Wi-Fi has another BSSID. This works
Screenshot below

I don't understand how it happens
Always the second WiFi has the same BSSID as the 5G device, and my smartphone don`t see second Wi-Fi


The same BSSID on 2 different bands will work.

Using the same SSID and expecting your phone it to know to use 5.4, won't.

See: "Bind" client to specific SSID vs "band steering"

Oh, I'll know in the future, thanks

I read and made different SSIDs for each network (I added a frequency to each SSID)
My phone sees everything except OpenWRT1-2.4g, but another phone that only runs 2.4g sees all SSIDs including OpenWRT1-2.4g

There will be another device with 5G support in a couple of hours.I will check on that device

UPD: second device with 5G sees everything except OpenWRT1-2.4g