Problem with linksys wrt1900ac v1 sysugrade to 21.02 not supported?

Hello, im new to openwrt and i try to flash for the second time my wrt1900ac v1. And when i try, i see a warning. Does i need to force it or wait for a fix ?

Device linksys,mamba not supported by this image Supported devices: linksys,wrt1900ac-v1 armada-xp-linksys-mamba linksys,mamba - Image version mismatch: image 2.0, device 1.0. Please wipe config during upgrade (force required) or reinstall. Reason: Partition design has changed compared to older versions (up to 19.07) due to kernel size restrictions. Upgrade via sysupgrade mechanism is not possible, so new installation via factory style image is required. Image check failed.

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

i am on the 19.07.x for now.

Thank you.

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