I have LINKSYS WRT54G Router and it happens that it does not leave the "Root" I restart it from the back and it never allows me to restart, I do not know what to do, please help me if there is any solusion, I bought it by Amzon and they passed me the password but it does not work I need to restart it from factory

I'd advice booting it....and then holding the reset button for 30 seconds.

Hopefully it resets to factory default.

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Honestly, you should think about buying a new (or used) device for $20 with 8MB flash or more and 64MB RAM or more. Well spent money that will save you a lot of time.


but it can not be restored from the factory in order to use it normally?

Did this work?

that's what I do not understand I've tried several times to restore it, I did that I held for 30 seconds and nothing happens