Problem with Argon theme

I had a problem when trying to install the Argon theme for the openwrt graphical interface, I followed the following script and had the following problem:

opkg update
opkg install luci-compat
opkg install luci-lib-ipkg
mkdir -p /tmp/okibcn
cd /tmp/okibcn
URL=$(wget -q -O - | awk -F \" -v RS="," '/browser_download_url/ && /-argon/ {print $(NF-1)}')
wget $URL -O $(basename $URL)
opkg install $(basename $URL)
rm  -rf /tmp/okibcn/*
URL=$(wget -q -O - | awk -F \" -v RS="," '/browser_download_url/ && /-config/ {print $(NF-1)}')
wget $URL -O $(basename $URL)
opkg install $(basename $URL)
rm -rf /tmp/okibcn

That's no an official Openwrt repo, ask the repo/package maintainer.



Anyway, it's partially broken with openwrt 23. Some menus are missing.

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the "latest" release is v1.8.3 for LEDE 18.06.

If you are installing on a newer version of OpenWrt, you need a newer version of Argon as well. should work better.

I actually used package feeds from here to install it:

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Hello everyone, I solved the problem by installing luci-theme-material. It changes the web interface and solves my problem. Although I didn't understand the clash when trying to install argon, which I've managed to do before (I can't remember how)

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