Problem with 5GHz WiFi

I have Netgear R6100 with installed LEDE 17.01.04. Problem is with 5GHz WiFi - "Wireless is disabled or not associated". During radio configuration by hostapd I saw some errors in logs. Router has installed hostapd-common, but when I tried to install hostapd_2016-12-19-ad02e79d-7_mips_24kc I recive error caused by conflict with wpad. Both wpad and hostapd_2016... was compiled by myself, not downloaded.

Can somebody help me what to do now?

There are a bunch of "variants" of the hostap-provided functionality. Only one can be installed at a time. If you're building your own code, incorporating one into your image is a good approach, as it reduces the overall image size. You could "delete" one from your ROM and install another, but that doesn't free up the space. That might be a good exploratory approach to decide if the change in firmware improves your situation.

OK, now I see that wpad has already hostapd inside. But what with unknown items in configuration?

The "temporary" hostapd config is generated by netifd which then calls one or more of


Most of the "current" (or at least somewhat current) UCI configuration options are at It's not an exhaustive list; consult the above shell scripts as "ground truth" as to what is implemented.