Problem Upgrade RT-AC88U (22.03 to 23.05)


When i try upgrade firmware on my RT-AC88U at openwrt 22.03 to 23.05.0, the router work not reboot.

Can your help me for fix this bug .


You haven't provided enough information for us to being to troubleshoot...

Did you see any error messages or other information when you started the upgrade? Did you keep settings when you did the upgrade?

What are the symptoms? Do you see any LEDs? What are they doing? Does the ethernet port start up? Are you able to get an IP from the DHCP server?

Where can I find the errors?

LED Power white Fixe only , other black.

i think is bugged on the firmware > v22.03 for RT-AC88U.

When you did the upgrade, did you see any errors on the screen?

Does it go solid-on the moment you apply power? Or does it blink for a little bit when you first plug it in?

That is possible, but I don't think it's terribly likely or we'd have many reports of this problem. It could have been a failed flash, though (although rare, that does happen from time to time).

The device info page has installation instructions... you may want to try OEM installation method again with 22.03 or 23.05.


The log:

Your log shows the device is working, what is the issue?


I found of solution for upgrade, the build default isn't take luci .

2) Add Package luci-ssl
3) Launch Build
4) Download custom build
5) Install trx custom on router
6) Work

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