Problem tethering Samsung S10 to MT300n-V2

I'm using my Sprint data connection as my main source of internet (no other choice where I am) and was hoping to tether directly to my Gl.inet MT300N-v2 router.

I have a Samsung Note 10+ as my main phone and this works perfectly. When I plug that in the admin panel changes to show the option to tether and connect to device usb0, which it does.

Now the problem.

I got a second line to use as my permanent connection, this time it's with a Samsung S10.

When plugging this in it's a bit different, the tethering option appears with device eth1 but when I click connect, it doesn't.
A message appears at the top saying Error connection failed check usb tethering has been enabled, which it has.

Both phones plug directly into my PC and connect with no issues.

Any ideas?


I’ll try to be more specific when I get back to a laptop, but likely the USB network driver isn’t installed. With only a few MB of flash to work with, you can’t install “every” driver by default like a 64 GB desktop OS can.

Looking into that right now. Also, just plugged in a recent random zte android phone and it connected straight away :confused:

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Yeah, I've seen that. It's very iPhone specific but I checked and the router either already had those packages or I added the couple it didn't have. Still not connecting.

When you plug into a Linux PC and it works, check the kernel log to see which drivers are involved.

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I don't have a linux pc


Just boot your machine with a LiveCD/LiveUSB then.

BTW, welcome to the community, @izziwizzi.