Problem lede after turn on wlan on raspberry pi 3 ?!

i can't connect lede after enable radio0 (wlan) on raspberry pi 3 and hangup after 1 minute !?
And after turning on the wireless Putty I can not connect via SSH?
After installation lede only use this codes:
uci set network.lan.proto=dhcp
uci commit
/etc/init.d/network restart
for example : after enable vlan hangup on obtaining ip address... ?

i am set this config before enable vlan :

how fix ?
plz help me.

WLAN (wireless LAN) and VLAN (virtual LAN) are two different things; we are talking about WLAN here.

Now, "uci set network.lan.proto=dhcp" means that your LAN network becomes a DHCP client, and I do not thing you want to do that. Or perhaps you could explain why are you doing that.

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yes yes talk about wlan on raspberry pi 3 .
1- After enabling wlan the hang raspberry pi ?

2- After enable wlan i can't connect to wlan (stop on obtaining ip address ...)and not connect !?

3- after enable wlan i can't connect raspberry pi via ssh with putty ?

Can you post the configuration page for that WLAN, please?

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Please, show us the /etc/config/network

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it's config :

how fix obtaining ip address after enable wlan ?

So, your RPi is accepting connections on the WLAN, but not assigning any IP address to the devices that connect, because it is expecting to receive an IP address itself, instead of serving them. Is that RPi connected to a "main" router in your network on the ethernet port? Are you perhaps trying to configure it as an access point?

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yes i want use lan port for wan (dhcp client) and use share internet with wlan AP for other device for example : mobile and labtop ....
but after enable wlan hangup raspberry pi 3 and can not connect wlan with mobile ...problem this massage :
obtainning ip address ...
and can not connect ssh via putty for disable wlan or defualt setting !?
yes after install lede on raspberry pi connect to pc and change static lan/wan to dhcp with putty and this command :
uci set network.lan.proto=dhcp
uci commit
/etc/init.d/network restart
after disconnect raspberry pi from pc and connect to cnet cbr-980 and find ip from cbr-980 setting so reconnect via putty to rasspberry and use this command for install web interface :
opkg update
opkg install luci
after install luci i am usr firefox for connect to web interface .
So far, everything's good and till step all things good.
start problem next step :
after connect web interface and enable wlan from :
network ...>wireless ....>enable
1-hangup web interface and disconnect ssh via putty!?
2-i cant connect wlan with any device (mobile and labtop ....)problem massage :obtaining ip address..?!
how fix it and true enable wlan on lede for raspberry pi ?
plz help me with luci (web interface)


Looks like you are trying to configure your device as a "dumb access point":

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not worked on raspberry pi 3 !:sweat:

1-how set different ip for wlan AP mod on raspberry pi 3 ?
2-how change lan port to wan port dhcp client on raspberry pi 3 ?(single lan/wan port)

"Not worked" is not very informative to me. You cannot have different IP addresses when operating as a "dumb access point"; perhaps I did not understand what you are trying to achieve. Last sentence does not make much sense to me.

I'm sorry, but there is an obvious miscommunication between us.

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Lan interface should have DHCP active and linking to Wifi or if you want configure as dumpap then you have to make a bridge between WAN and WIFI interface.

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