Problem creating AC Master when AC Client also Configured

I am using OpenWrt to repeat a Wifi Hotspot.

The AC connection to the HotSpot works, the issue is when users try to connect to AC Access Point, when the hotspot which is a Client is on the AC Master Access Point cannot be seen and does not work.

If I disable the ACClient network then the ACMaster network shows and users can connect.

I can get users in by connecting an N2.4 Master but I think I could get better performance if I could get users in via AC

Does OpenWrt support two AC networks?

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a way to make the AC Master work with the other AC Connected as Client to Wifi Hotspot?

are the client and master running on the same channel ?

not all radios are capable of doing client and master at the same time.

Braindead, loved that movie :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

They both had channel set to Auto

so I changed the channel on the master to Channel 36

Saved and Apply

Rebooted Router

Now they both say Channel 36, but it does seem to have done the trick, I can now see the ACMaster wifi and connect to it.

So I owe you a beer or some brain take away.

Very grateful for you help.

Before I mark it as the solution, is it normal for them to all change

Also how come if I set it to Channel 36 it says 48 below

Router is a Netgear R7800

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9984 802.11nac
Channel: 48 (5.240 GHz) | Bitrate: 65.1 Mbit/s
---/-109 dBm

-44/-108 dBm
Mode: Master | SSID: ACMaster
Encryption: WPA2 PSK (CCMP)
Channel: 48 (5.240 GHz)
Tx-Power: 23 dBm
Signal: -44 dBm | Noise: -108 dBm
Bitrate: 366.6 Mbit/s | Country: US