Problem after making image


first time I see that, I've read on the forum an error like that during ''opkg update'' some years ago but just after my last compile, I got that;

make[3] -C target/linux install
 make[3] -C target/imagebuilder install
 make[2] package/index
WARNING: Applying padding in /dash/xxxxx/openwrt/bin/packages/arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3-d16/luci/Packages to workaround usign SHA-512 bug!
 make[2] json_overview_image_info
 make[2] checksum

don't really know if I need to do something, btw, still not sysupgrade yet my firmware with that build, Im waiting about that error.


This isn't a bug. It is a warning that it's padding the image. If you aren't seeing files in openwrt/bin/packages/arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3-d16, then there is something with the build system you've setup. It's creating the files, because it's warning about signing the LuCI Packages

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I have that in the folder;


here in Packages/luCi.. I see 2 Packages manifest

I did a new compile and same warning,,

idea to what to do?

#Package.manifest# is a temporary file, usually when an editor is used. Do you have Package.manfest open in nano/atom/vim/etc?

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I don't know , maybe but I saw a patch about the warning padding sha512 last year but the patch is already there, i have it in the master.

So compiled again and sane thing so I removed my build root folder and started from scratch.