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Hello .

I created this topic to understand how to set up a router for the maximum possible protection! It should be one instruction so that the user can set it up step by step.

What programs should be installed in the router?

For example :

  1. Wireguard/OpenVPN (VPN tunel)
  2. Program for mac address cloning
  3. DnsCrypt
  4. Tor which works together in vpn
  5. Disable SSH and IPV6
  6. Installing and configuring Tethering support
  7. Installing and configuring support for 4G modems
  8. i2P
  9. Configure sudo, remove root login

Please write your own list which you think is best or attach a link to a tutorial or a useful article on the topic.

This is very much a matter of perspective and requirements.

Such a guide will not be useful for most users. Not every user wants what you do (in fact, most probably have different combinations of needs/wants/requirements).

It depends on many factors.

VPNs have their use, but many people think that they provide ultimate privacy. They don’t. They simply shift the privacy considerations to the vpn providers. Which ones, if any, that can be truly trusted is a hotly debated topic and is out of scope on these forums.

Openwrt can already do this. How do you expect this to improve your privacy or protection?

Two entirely different things.
Don’t disable ssh. If anything, this will cause you more trouble than it is with and it will not improve your security posture. Disabling ssh passwords (in favor of certificates) is a way to improve things.

Ipv6 is not going to improve your security either, assuming your firewall is properly configured (default state is good). It comes down to the question of if you need ipv6 or not.

These have nothing to do with security or privacy.

Minimal gains to be had here. It can be done, but just don’t give users who don’t need to administer the router any access. If you are sharing files or other services, you can set up non privileged users.