Priortize traffic in the openwrt router based on the DSCP codes

I want to implement traffic priortization based on the DSCP codes of different services like video streaming , gaming etc .How can i Achieve that on my openwrt router?

Did you search for qosify or diffserv?

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Also search for

Also the golden rule of priortization:

For every packet treated to better than average some other packet(s) need to be treated worse. If you try to up-prioritize so many packets that there are insufficient 'victim' packets prioritization will not work well. Or put differently prioritising all traffic is the same as not prioritising at all.

So as a rule of thumb only use prioritisation cautiously and sparingly, always make sure that any prioritisation rule you use has verifiable positive effect on your traffic (be harsh here, if a rule appears sensible, but does not result in measurable improvement, drop that rule).

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yes but did not find any relevant solution to my problem , it will be great if you can provide me the simplest solution for this

i am using openwrt19 , so dscp calssify can not be used as it is used above openwrt 22.03

Well, I would recommend to move to OpenWrt 23 asap... openwrt19 is not getting any more updates for security issues...

Alternatively, install sqm-scripts and look at simple.qos, your problem though will likely be that incoming packets will carry inconsistent DSCPs so some clean up there will be in order... for which you could likely use tc but I will not be able to help with the details.