Prioritize VPN downstream

Hi Folks,

I'm on 100Mbit/s VDSL line with 40Mbit/s Upload and using a Wireguard VPN connection (for IPTV only) to my home router. The IPTV need about 20Mbit/s in Downstream for HDTV. The HD-Channel runs flawless but whenever there are some other activities like downloading large files, the stream stutters as there's not enough bandwidth anymore.

Is there a way to prioritize the VPN traffic on the incoming wan interface?

There is a parent queue with 100Mbit/s limitation and two child queues: The first is for the prioritized VPN traffic and second queue for "normal" traffic.

So lets say the IPTV stream is active and somebody starts a download with 100Mbit/s, the IPTV is always prioritzed towards the download and gets all the needed bandwidth for a smooth playback.(without reserving a static bandwidth to this queue) Now when IPTV is inactive the download should get the full bandwidth of 100Mbit/s.

I took a look into SQM but I can't find such settings in it.

Maybe someone knows a solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance!


With the simple QoS package ( luci-app-qos ) you can give higher priority to the packets sent to the WG udp port. However this concerns outgoing packets only.
It would be better to try SQM anyway. It doesn't have such settings, but it can provide an equal share of resources to all hosts.