Prioritize traffic based on the dscp value using the TC(traffic control)

I want to priortize my traffic based on dscp value using TC (Traffic Control) . How can i implement that. Provide the tc command for priortizing the traffic based on dscp value. For eg. i want to priortize the af41 traffic over any other traffic .

For ingress or egress (or both)?

priortize for both ingress and egress, if user is playing games and have priortized games traffic , another user playing 4k videos , then there should be no lag for the user playing games. the traffic of that user is priortized

  • Have you already tagged the egress traffic (from e.g. the Game and TV), or are you asking for assistance with tagging as well?
  • Likewise, have you already tagged the ingress traffic too?
  • Have you verified your ISP honors such marking (or is this just a test)?
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i want assistance in tagging as well . Basically i need proper guidance on this how can i implement this. It will be a great help

Look into one of these solutions:


Respectfully, I would advise you to start with sqm-scripts configured for internal-IP-isolation. For typical low rate gaming control traffic that might already give you an acceptable starting position/base line, only then start to use additional steps to further improve your gaming experience...