Printing no longer possible after update

so far I had no problem with the printer after the updates. After the update to openwrt-22.03 printing does not work anymore. Also under services "p910nd - Printer server" was not to be found any more.

I was hoping a reinstall would help (via putty).

opkg update

opkg list-installed | grep usb

( and have already been installed)

opkg install kmod-usb-printer

opkg install p910nd luci-app-p910nd

check accessibility: ls /dev/usb/lp*

im Backend <p910nd - Printer server>: aktivieren und Schnittstelle auf

/etc/init.d/p910nd restart

After that I restarted the router.

Unfortunately this did nothing. What can I do?

I have a brother printer.



I have uninstalled kmod-usb-printer, p910nd and luci-app-p910nd, removed the old settings and completely reinstalled. Then there was the error message: "uci: Entry not found" But I could print again.

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