Printing from ipad over wireguard

Hi all,

I need some advice.
I have a HP printer and using a raspberry pi running cups to print from a ipad. This all works fine.
However, i sometimes connect with my ipad via wireguard and also want to print in that case.
Any pointers on how to make that happen?
Currently the wireguard interface is on and my main lan is on
Should i just make the wireguard part of the lan subnet? that does sound like a bit of bad idea...
Or should I just do port forwarding? And if so, which ports?



  • Attach the WG interface to the LAN firewall zone on OpenWrt.
  • Make sure your LAN subnet is covered by the allowed IPs in the WG client config.
  • Verify that OpenWrt is the default gateway for your print server.
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Well not port fowarding but you would need to allow the ports between the two firewall zones.
Depending on which print protocol you use it would be TCP:631 or TCP:9100

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I have forwarding from the one zone to the other zone enabled, also tried both in one firewall zone (of course with forward to accept). The issue is that the discovery apparently is not working. I guess multicast/broadcast packets are not reaching there.

I tried putting the wireguard on That did not work. I also tried, that locked me out of the router and had to do a full reset. I guess i need to maybe do port forwarding or some more advanced form of routing or bridging...

That's it.

It's a known issue.

You need to connect to the print server by IP.

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Well printing directly from a laptop works, but thanks to Apples handy "zero config", i cant from an ipad. It needs to discover...

Maybe if i enable umdns on the router. But there is very little information on how to add something to that config.

thx for the help

This should work to advertise the router itself, but announcing services might not be that simple.
And announcing services across subnets is even more complicated.

if i run a cups on the router maybe then announce that?

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You might need to install both:

Do you know what these two actually do?

Also i found this one:
Which looks like what i want. However, seems the package is not called "avahi-daemon" anymore, and there is no dbus to start...

It should enable mDNS and service announcement.
If that doesn't work, you can try other methods:

Ok I solved it. I Basically did what was in the link i posted above.

Its as simpel as installing the avahi-dbus-daemon
Then add under [server] in /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf:
add under [reflector]

Start it:
/etc/init .d /dbus start
/etc/init .d /dbus enable
/etc/init .d /avahi-daemon start
/etc/init .d /avahi-daemon enable

Add firewall rule for guest (VPN and lan already have access to router)

Then add firewall rule to access CUPS server from guest (VPN and lan already have acces):

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