Preventing ISP from blocking VPN using Openwrt

Hi, My ISP Virgin Media UK is blocking my work VPN connection. I switched to openwrt and changed the dns to cloud flare and opendns and it would allow me to connect but has since stopped working again.

There is a lot of people in the company I work for having this issue with Virgin Media. Is there another way around this using openwrt configuration?


It's hard to tell without seeing ports, VPN service and way for blocking. Maybe playing against them is like "wack a mole"?

You can try using ZeroTier (P2P VPN) or WireGuard or SSTP.

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My work VPN is using L2P protocol if that helps? I could probably setup VPN on the router as a work around, just wondering if there was anything I could enable in openwrt configs to prevent the ISP block.

I can connect via wifi hotspot from my phone but I find it irrating to keep switching between connections.

You can't prevent ISP blocking. But you can trick them.

Easiest is to get $5 VPS instance from DigitalOcean or Vultr. And there to make VPN that will connect to your workplace. And on same instance to make WireGuard/OpenVPN/IKEv2 server where you to connect.

So VPS will work and you have fallback scenarios using various VPN protocols against blocking.

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I think with Virgin Media superhub you'll need to turn parental control off for it to work

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I have disabled all parental control settings and have virgin superhub in modem mode to allow me to use my own router with openwrt.

I think it would be best if I just install the Nord VPN app on my laptop then connect to one of their VPN servers before connecting to my work VPN. I could also install Nord VPN on the router using openvpn protocol but I think this will lower my broadband speed.

I currently use Nord VPN to get arround isp blocking Iptv.

Speed depends on what router you have and also your company security policy wrt to shared ip. It might be best as ppl said to get a VPS and setup wireguard.

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Thanks for your replies. I will look into the VPS further or may just change providers due to my contract coming to an end soon. There are no issues with connecting to company VPN with other proivders. It's strange that Virgin is the only one blocking the connection although they are stating they do not block VPN access.