Prevent default ssh login from internet

By default openwrt allow to login everybody to your router as root with weak or even without a password. Which can be a problem for some cases.

To solve the issues I made a patch which prevent any password ssh logins from internet, only local lan logins are allowed.

I recommend it for everyone. Even better - to include it to the default openwrt build.

No, it does not. The firewall prevents access to the SSH port by default. If you're testing with your WAN IP from the internal network, it is still going to work. Please test again from a different internet connection and you will see that it's not possible to log in.


You right. It is protected by firewall. But for some cases you want to open your dropbear to internet. And better if dropbear will prevent password logins from internet by default but not from local network.

Isn't this configurable already?

config dropbear
	option Port '22'
	option Interface 'lan'
	option PasswordAuth 'on'

config dropbear
	option Port '22'
	option Interface 'wan'
	option PasswordAuth 'off'
	option RootPasswordAuth 'off'

config dropbear
	option Port '22'
	option Interface 'wan6'
	option PasswordAuth 'off'
	option RootPasswordAuth 'off'


Well, what do we say?
Linux won’t stop the operator from doing really crazy things since you are expected to know what you are doing, you need Windows or Apple for that kind of user operational idea security.

The best security for this, if it is really really necessary is to use another port than 22 since every DoS attack port scanner out there will test port 22 first.

It does not cover IPv6. But looks nice (if it actually works and dropbear allow mutil config like that)

By "we" you mean windows users? Not interested.

Mostly the Linux community say this.

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The interface settings in dropbear only say what interface dropbear will to listed to, it doesn’t say which interface that can knock on the door.

Only the firewall can control who can reach the dropbear port/ports.

Well, it's currently working for me...


I've just checked it out. It is indeed working for simple configuration. But fails (allowing password login from wan) if here is public IP on lan interface IPv4 or IPv6. So, good temporary solution. But it lack same flexibility as OpenSSH does (with 'match address' configh where you can allow only unroutable (local link) password auth).

What is the point of calling it LAN if it has a public IP address?

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True but false. Don't you have ipv6 configured on your network? You can allow only few trusted ports, like 22, forwarded.

Lets analyze this:

  • user coming from stable build
    • they use Luci
    • Luci have big yellow warning that password is not set and system is not secure
  • user coming from snapshot build
    • no luci
    • they use ssh
    • the very first thing showed is that the system doesn't have a password and the
      system is not secure.

In both scenario if the user doesn't set a password is ignoring various warning (that are not removed/can be ignored... they are there as long as a password is not set) and it's own fault.

On top of this by default lan is not bridged to lan and anything from wan is rejected.

At max we can consider enforcing setting a password by not permitting further action without setting a password first or even better suggest using private key and disable password login.

This IMHO should be a correct suggestion but again... it's just to make it more difficult for stupid user that have no idea of any concept of security to have things with no password.

Also dropbear close the connection after 5 wrong password if i'm not wrong.

(so in short to open the ssh on the wan you either have to login with ssh or use luci and you would ignore the warning in both case)

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Following default security policy from desktop linux installation (debian in my case, which is disallow remote / network login with no password by default) is good practice. I can be sure if I drop password for any account on my system, it automatically become local account only. But openwrt would make no sense in that case, since it has only network access. But we still can choice between lan / wan options.

Openwrt by default should follow it as well. At least having config suggested by eduperez, that would make sense, since password or no password authorization from internet (routed address) is pointless. Second option (more secure) having my patch + dropbear option "lan pass auth only: on" allowing only pass auth from lan (unroutable address).

BTW do you know better (openwrt most likely already has it) implementation for IP4/6 compare function? Mine not optimal.

It already does. The firewall blocks all input from wan in the default state (as has been mentioned many times now).


I guess you missing my point I explained many times: firewall not going to work here, since firewall does not analyze traffic it can't control auth options based on password or public key. It only can block or allow connections.

That is true... but the idea is that it does indeed block the connections, so it is setting up a secure default condition and needs no further modification to remain secure, just like your debian box's 'local only' policy.

Really, the best way to open your router for remote administration is via a VPN. You can setup Wireguard (or OpenVPN or other protocols) and then you have a means of securely connecting to your router from anywhere. This way you're not opening the dropbear server itself to the internet.


Sorry, but I cannot get what you mean here...

By security you mean block everything which can possibily be unsecure. That is default for openwrt. Fine. I got you point, I'm not arguing with that. Now I need more open and secure solution.